VENTANNIDOPO - Le Corbusier pittore scultore designer

ALA Assoarchitetti and Dedalo Minosse promote the "VENTANNIDOPO" exhibition dedicated to "Le Corbusier pittore scultore designer e viaggi a nord/ovest", curated and organised by Giovanni Ronzoni architect, who had the first experience of art curating in 2003, conceiving and planning the great exhibition "Le Corbusier painter sculptor designer" at the MAC in Lissone.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday 14th of April 2023 and it will remain open to public until Sunday 4th of June 2023 in the spaces of the ex Osservatorio del Colore/Magazzino Merci di Lissone, Via della Pinacoteca 5/7a.

The idea of re-proposing the exhibition stems from the role that the city of Lissone has played over the years in the industrial and artisan fields, in furniture and in the most innovative design, becoming a point of reference at European level also in art. The main focus of the event will be to reactivate the city's national and international artistic vocation, through the re-enactment of the exhibition of one of the greatest interpreters of the last century.

The event includes the screening of 2 videos about the 2003 exhibition, the display of some original works by Le Corbusier, and reproduced works, from private collections, as well as a catalogue with an introductory text in which Arch. Ronzoni explains the itinerary of the exhibition; Prof. Fortunato D'Amico draws up a testimony on the figure of Le Corbusier and Arch. Lorenzo Damiani describes his design activity applied to industrial design, with the presence on display of the famous Chiaise-longue LC4 "Cassina i Maestri".

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