2018/2019 Edition


  • LOCUS LOCI, Living on the Land
  • DATE:September 21 - October 6, 2019
  • LOCATION:Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

As usual, every two years the Dedalo Minosse Award combines the projects of the awarded clients with an art exhibition, curated by Fortunato D'Amico, dedicated to the themes of architecture and the intuitions, suggestions and proposals elaborated by the artists, exhibited in the grand upper hall of the Palladian Basilica.

"Thinking globally, acting locally" is the slogan adopted by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, which encourages a strong change in the current model of development in favor of a conscious production of all artifacts and their use.

"Locus Loci - Living on the Land", invites us to "listen" to places according to global and local logic, sensitive attitudes, flexible attitudes, adaptable to cultural interpretations of specific contexts.


Diagrammi Sonori

Gabbiani & Associati with Caoduro Lucernari

The installation was designed by Gabbiani & Associati using the technology and materials of Caoduro Lucernari, with the idea of enhancing the vast architectural space within the Palladian Basilica. The long columns that alternate to harmoniously set the perspective view of the work rise upwards and mark the skyline of the interior, like modern skyscrapers in contemporary cities. Their diagrammatic progression refers to the musical organ pipes capable of producing sounds and celestial harmonies.

The Music Rooms - or - Chamber Music

Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

The Music Rooms - or - Chamber Music, are yellowed, lived oor plans of apartments in which some spaces, come to life, color and sound through ancient musical scores, torn and watercolor paintings. The house becomes music through the representation of melodies-words, which give rise to a becoming of communicating vases where the notes interpenetrate, each with its own nuances and identities, in a perspective dialogue and which together merge into a metaphorical orchestra of life in common, in a single great breath of sound.

Campo Expandido - Scultura Ambiente

Raymundo Sesma

Campo Expandido frees painting and all artistic disciplines from submission from conventional clichés. Painting is freed from the support of the canvas and spreads to include the social space in its two-dimensionality, returning a work in which different disciplines converge in addition to painting itself: sculpture, design, graphics, aimed at reinventing an urban setting as a eld of expansion independent of traditional artistic supports or prostheses. Campo Expandido is a tool to complement and dialogue with the context. It is a new way of thinking and seeing the world in a broader sense of thought and liberating interaction, to be experienced as an experience of freedom moving in space.

Casa Terra Madre

Daniela Pellegrini

Casa Terra Madre mixes photography and sculpture to try to bring representation back to its most naked essence of sign, of imprint. In a solitude and in an ancestral silence, the solid and primitive forms seem to allude to the first step that man has made on earth and on the moon, and to what he will presumably accomplish in the future on other unknown planets. Photographic sculptures that evoke the most essential layers of matter, which propose a cosmogonic vision of the primary elements of the universe. An architecture of the beginning, when the surfaces of the planets were smoothed by the wind and the primary colors were the expression of the modeling forces of the cosmos. In Casa Terra Madre architecture is both a human and a geological phenomenon, very ancient and abstract, an unintentionally creative event.