2018/2019 Edition


  • Forum of Clients
  • DATE:September 22 - October 6, 2019
  • LOCATION:Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

For two weeks, a big Forum of Clients in the old "forum" of Vicenza, Architects and Clients, Contractors and Journalists and Specialists will discuss through seminars, conferences and inter-disciplinary workshops that will be open to the public.
The heart of the city will be animated by professionals, entertainers and associations.

About Dedalo Minosse. Workshop

DATE: 22 September 2019. 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

The architects selected by the Jury for the 11th Dedalo Minosse Prize will discuss their special relationships with their clients. Taking us on a voyage through ideas and projects will be a dozen representatives from established and up-and-coming firms in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia.

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Architectural redevelopment and social redevelopment: how the construction industry can serve towns and cities

DATE: 23 September 2019. 4.30 pm to 8.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

As the Western world ages and wanes, what strategies can be used to revitalize towns, cities and the economy?
The construction industry can help to promote social and urban renewal, acting as a powerful driver of social growth and transformation in urban areas.
Demonstrations of weaknesses being converted into strengths will be provided by concrete examples from Detroit, Milan and Scuola Innovativa/Piscine Jacarandà, which won the Confindustria Special Prize in the Construction Section.

The culture of preventing loss by redeveloping urban spaces

DATE: 25 September 2019. 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

Look to the future by starting in the past. Redevelopment has a part to play not only for economic reasons but also on the cultural and social fronts, as part of a new approach to life in cities and communities.
Concrete examples will be provided by Matera and the Pistoletto Foundation Cittadellarte in Biella.

Quality in restoration designs and sites: from archaeology to modern constructions

DATE: 26 September 2019. 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

This conference is for clients and professional figures who work with historical buildings and believe that it is essential to have extremely high-quality plans for the management of work sites.
In projects for new constructions, quality is easy to define. It encompasses aspects such as form, the creativity and originality of solutions, the capacity to meet the client's needs, and the use of materials or structures. However, things are not so clear and well defined when it comes to restoration.

Reinhabiting existing buildings. Visions, plans and prospects for the New Bertoliana Library in the former Court complex

DATE: 27 September 2019. 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

This topic will be studied during a meeting that is part of the initiatives for the European Researchers' Night. As the history of architecture has shown extensively, buildings are destined to endure and live a number of lives. The aim behind this meeting is to highlight a design approach that looks at existing buildings with fresh awareness and diverges from the strategies for "dissipative" measures that were tried out last century.
It will be followed by the opening of an exhibition in the Salone degli Zavatteri, featuring projects by students from IUAV University in Venice that were drawn up during an educational Existing Building Design, Analysis and Assessment Workshop.

The future as a client

DATE: 1 October 2019. 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

The future is a tricky customer because it forces us to change our outlooks, lifestyles and priorities.
When the future stops being an objective and starts acting as a client, it requires us to initiate new creative processes and transform individual freedom into something that is truly for everyone. First and foremost, it is an ethical decision that revolves not so much around needs - now or in the future - but rather around the values of a community.
Architecture means building something today that will remain in the future. Town planning decisions must ensure that communities are provided not only with services and infrastructure but also places where they can express themselves and find fulfilment. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to recognize and interpret the values of the present and use them as building blocks in design.
Positive experiences must be explored, along with the tools that can be used in a design approach that not only envisages building habitats but also helps to develop their futures.

Compatibly promoting historical heritage. Projects, opportunities and tangible examples

DATE: 3 October 2019. 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza

This is a seminar for people who want to take a meticulous, learned, compatible and sustainable approach to restoration in order to bring out the best of historical and architectural heritage, which in the Veneto region consists not only of villas, palazzi and castles but also of minor constructions, rural villages, the service buildings known as "barchesse" that are often found in Veneto villas, and various kinds of mountain buildings. There will be presentations of genuine cases and experiences, ranging from the creation of a brand to coming up with a new compatible use, restoration in the true sense of the term and economic management.