Caleidoscopio | suono | luce | tempo

Dedalo Minosse and ALA - Assoarchitetti patronize and participate at one of the collateral events of Genoa BeDesign Week, scheduled from 18th to 22nd of May: the exhibition "Caleidoscopio suono luce tempo" sponsored by DIDE - Genoa and curated by Fortunato D'Amico and Chiara Ferella Falda, that will take place at Santa Maria di Castello and will see 4 architects dialogue with 14 contemporary artists.
For the occasion, on Saturday 20th May 2022, Marcella Gabbiani, director of Dedalo Minosse Prize, will participate at the event "The role of Clients in the sustainable city project" from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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