2016/2017 Edition


2016/2017 Edition


The Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building, takes place in Vicenza (Italy), the city of Andrea Palladio, since 1997. It is promoted by ALA-Assoarchitetti, the Italian association for professional architects, to spread good quality architecture.
The Prize comes from the idea that the framework for creating good architectural works is not only determined by the quality of the Architect's project (architects, building engineers, freelance professionals here called "Architect") but also by the positive and stimulating role played by the Client.
Registration is free of charge.
Starting from the ninth edition the Dedalo Minosse Prize includes also the Andrea Palladio International Prize, promoted by Caoduro Lucernari from 1987 to 1993.


The Jury will award, within the terms of these rules, Clients from every country of the world who have harmoniously collaborated with their Architects to create successful and worthy architectural works.
The Jury will assign the following awards:

  • the "Dedalo Minosse International Prize", to a Client who commissioned a professional Architect;
  • the "Dedalo Minosse International Prize OCCAM - Under 40", to a Client who commissioned a young professional Architect;
  • the "ALA-Assoarchitetti Prize- Fondazione Inarcassa", to a Client who commissioned an Italian professional architect;
  • the "ALA-Assoarchitetti Prize Under 40", to a Client who commissioned a young Italian professional Architect;
  • the Andrea Palladio International Prize, to the Client who distinguished himself for his work in the last 20 years.

The Jury will also assign other -awards, offered by Patron bodies and Sponsor.
The Jury, will focus on the following topics:

  • social sustainability;
  • economical sustainability;
  • works inspired by Design for All;
  • use of the natural light;
  • enhancement and conservation of the environment, the landscape and the architectural heritage;
  • use of innovative technologies and materials;
  • use of  renewable energy and resources;
  • promotion of traditions and local languages;
  • multidisciplinary planning approach;
  • integration between art/architecture.

The Jury will take into consideration also all the different features of the proposed works, such as the typology, the size and the main function (living places, places for the arts and urban settlement, urban spaces and infrastructures, redeveloping of pre-existing areas, working places).
The prizes will be delivered only to those clients, or their representatives, who will take part to the award ceremony.


The Prizes consist of silver plaques, designed by Bob Noorda, which will be awarded respectively one to the Client and another one to the Architect. The winner of the Andrea Palladio International Prize will receive a plaque.
Other awards such as plaques and certificates will be offered by Sponsor and Patron bodies.


Any private or public client, its architect, building firms, the companies supplying the works and materials, or anyone else involved in the building process is entitled to enter the competition.
The one who enter the competition is here call "proponent".
The architectural works must have been designed by a professional Architect and completed between the 1st of January 2012 and the 31st of December 2016.
The Clients and their architects, with their participation at Dedalo Minosse Prize, accept the eventual designation to be part of Jury in the following editions of the Prize.
Every Proponent must present only one client (person, people, society, group, company, corporation).
Architect and client can't be the same person.


To be entitled to take part to the Jury's selection:
4.1 Complete the online form on www.dedalominosse.org by January 31st 2017 at 6 pm.
Participants will receive by email a confirmation letter with an identification code.
4.2 Send to the Organising Office by February 17th 2017 at 6pm (post marks do not count), to the address specified in art. 6., the following materials in a closed and protected parcel:

  • 4.2.1 the confirmation letter signed in each part with the identification code;
  • 4.2.2 n. 4 (four) type-written pages, each of them of 1000 characters, including spaces, describing:
    • a. Client's identity: his or her history, other prizes received, his or her approach to architecture;
    • b. Architect's curriculum vitae and /orprofile of his/her Studio;
    • c. qualitative nature of the professional and human relationship between the Client and the Architect, with evidence on the repercussion that this relationship has on the planning and architectural process and on the quality of work; such description will have to qualify the Client as worthy to receive the Prize;
    • d. description of the architectural work and its context.
  • 4.2.3 n. 6 (six) sheets of paper containing the drawings of the work (e.g.: plans, sections), reduced to an A3 format (297 x 420 mm) and 10 (ten) photographs of the finished work.

All the above mentioned materials, of articles 4.2.2 and 4.2.3, should be bound in a book, together with a copy of the letter mentioned in article 4.2.1.
4.3 A USB pen drive in 2 (two) copies containing:

  • documents of article 4.2.2 in Word format;
  • files of articles 4.2.3 in TIFF or JPEG format: both high resolution: 300 dpi, side 24 cm and low resolution 100 dpi, followed by captions in Word format;
  • a Client's picture and an Architect's picture.

The usb pen drive has to be organized according to the structure of Attachment 1 "Outline of the folder organization".
Every text, writing and caption must be written in English.
The identification code must be clearly printed on the book and on the USB of articles 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.
The Jury will not judge those applicants who do not provide texts and materials as required by the rules of the Prize or that do not respect the given deadline of the rules and this article.


Only the selected candidates will be contacted by the Organising Office.
The Organizing Committee will organize an exhibition with the selected works at Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza starting from June 23rd 2017, for two weeks.
5.1 Materials to be presented for the exhibition:
Clients who will be told, by the Organizing Office, to be included in the shortlist, must send, at the same address of art.6, by May 5th 2017 the following materials:

  • a. Prizes article 1:
    • n. 6 panels 1000x700 mm dimension with vertical development:
      • 1 introductory panel containing texts of articles 4.2.2, containing graphic illustrations of the project and an exhaustive photographic documentation of the finished work;
      • 5 panels containing graphic illustrations of the project and an exhaustive photographic documentation of the finished work;
      • a video (AVI and MP4 format) lasting not more than 3 minutes;
  • b. Other awards article 1:
    • n. 4 panels 1000x700 mm dimension with vertical development:
      • 1 introductory panel containing texts of articles 4.2.2, containing graphic illustrations of the project and an exhaustive photographic documentation of the finished work;
      • 3 panels containing graphic illustrations of the project and an exhaustive photographic documentation of the finished work;
      • a video (AVI and MP4 format) lasting not more than 3 minutes.

All the panels to be shown at the exhibition will be made up of sandwich supports in light, rigid, polystyrene (KAPA MOUNT - or similar - or PVC - forex like), 3 mm thick. The panels must also be equipped with eyelets or hooks, as to be fixed up easily (hanging on studs).
Panels, which are framed or fitted with glass or plexiglass screens, or any other materials other than those described above, will not be allowed.
Competitors for the Prize who do not provide all the materials required by these regulations or who do not send on time all the materials requested by this article for the exhibition, will not be admitted for the Prize.
All the writing, titles, and descriptions must be expressed in English.
5.2 Additional materials for exhibition
The Clients who will be told by the Organizing Office to be included in the shortlist, only in agreement with the Organizing Office itself, can send during the set-up by June 20th 2017, further materials such as plastic model of the work. The Organising Office reserves the right to accept or not the additional materials.
5.3 Exhibition of the selected works
The Organizing Committee, at its care and discretion, will choose, print, project and set up the materials for the exhibition, depending on needs of the exhibition itself.


All the materials as set out in articles 4 and 5 have to be delivered, free port, to the following address:
ALA-Assoarchitetti, Contrà S. Ambrogio, n. 5 - 36100 Vicenza (Italia)
Tel. and fax +39 (0) 444.235476 - e-mail: dedalominosse@assoarchitetti.it
The shipping, the delivering and the insurance of materials and plastic models are on the proponent.
If the shipping is from an extra - EEC Country, the parcels must travel as customs duty-free ones. The applicant must use a courier service as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, etc- and must specify in the delivery form DPP: free consignee without duties/ duties for sender account.
Moreover on the delivery form the applicant must specify:
- in the parcel containing the book and the USB of article 4, the caption "no pornography material, cultural nature, documents for competition"; the total value/prize will be indicated at maximum in 20$ (twenty United States dollars)
- for plastic models and any other valuable items of article 5.2, the caption "plastic model (or valuable material...) for competition not commercial value"; the total value/prize will be indicated at maximum in 20$ (twenty United States dollars)
Any eventual custom clearance, or any additional cost, must be paid by the applicant in advance.
The organising Office is not going to anticipate any kind of cost for custom duties or extra materials.


The multidisciplinary and international Jury, elected by the Scientific Committee of the Prize, is composed by architects, designers, writers, journalists and entrepreneurs, within the terms of these rules. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes to the Jury’s composition and may nominate other members as substitutes.
7.1 Selection of conformed materials
The scientific Committee is responsible for the control of all the materials and is going to check the compliance with the prize rules.
7.2 Selection of the works
The Jury will choose, with an unappellable decision, the Clients to be awarded through a voting system based on the majority of the votes. The special awards, assigned by the Organizing Committee, will be chosen between Clients selected by the Jury.
7.3 Communication to the selected clients
The final results will be communicated only to the selected candidates by Friday March 24th 2017.
Not selected candidates will not receive any communication.
The results are going to be announced during the Award Ceremony, which will take place at the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza (Italy) on June 23rd 2017.


The Organizing Committee will publish a catalogue. Details and information about the prize-winners and other selected entrants and their works will be published on www.dedalominosse.org and promoted through the media contacts of the Organizing Committee. Therefore highest accuracy is recommended when completing the online entry form.


9.1 Acceptance of the rules
The prize is organized by ALA Assoarchitetti on a volunteer basis, with the aim to to promote the quality of architecture. The enrolment involve the full acceptance of the Prize rules and in particular the votes and the decisions of the Jury by the Proponent and all the subjects involved.
9.2 Copyright
The materials have to be sent by applicants both free from copyright and royalty and they can be freely used by ALA-Assoarchitetti according to the aims of the Prize and the Association at any time present and future, for any use connected to the purposes of the Dedalo Minosse Prize and ALA Assoarchitetti. The Applicant therefore exempts the Organizing Committee from any liability.


The materials received by the Organizing Office, as set out in articles 4 and 5.1, will remain property of ALA-Assoarchitetti, without any obligation either to keep or return them, except for plastic models and any other valuable items as set out at article 5.2.
All the plastic models will be available to be collected, once it will be agreed with the Organizing Office, during the period of setting out of the exhibition. After this period the Organizing Office will not be responsible either to keep, or return, such materials.
Plastic models travel at the risk of the candidate. The shipping, the return and the insurance of plastic models and any other valuable items are on the candidate. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any kind of damage or loss.


The Organizing Office is available to provide further informations at the following contacts: e-mail address dedalominosse@assoarchitetti.it, telephone/fax +39 (0) 444 235476.
We answer only in Italian or English.


Art.4.3 Usb pen drive in 2 copies.
Outline of the folder organization.

Premio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse