2021/2022 Edition


Beyond the Lockdown: kit-house for an architecture as a means of communication

  • WHERE:Online Conference
  • WHEN:November 17th, 2020, 4 pm

Can architecture be transformed into an information channel for communication and advertising that establishes a dynamic relationship with the city? According to Gisella Cairati, designer of the textile branch, and Luigi Ferrario, architect, it is certainly possible. Together they transformed an 1899's ancient brick porch in Milan, which had been used for 40 years as a simple support for large advertising panels, into the prototype of a 21st century metropolitan kit-house. A home studio project that also has "the ability to communicate".
Marcella Gabbiani, with two protagonists of the XI Edition of the Dedalo Minosse Prize, questions how the recent experience of isolation due to COVID could trace new communication scenarios between inside and outside, living and working, and private and public fields.

Marcella Gabbiani, Director of the Dedalo Minosse Prize
Gisella Cairati, Designer of important brands
Luigi Ferrario, architect and professor