2021/2022 Edition


Alfonso Femia. Social Impact School

  • WHERE:Online conference
  • WHEN:April 28th, 2021 at 5.00 pm (Italian time)

Dedalo Minosse Talks arrive at their sixth online appointment.

In "Social Impact School" Alfonso Femia, with the help of the journalist Giorgio Tartaro, will talk about how to deal with the school problem after the emergency of the pandemic.

The need, according to Femia, is to update the school building as a real estate and to identify a management partnership with the private sector, imagining that the school frees itself from the single didactic role and transforms itself into a social hub.

To be economically sustainable, the school must accommodate more functions (social / sports / coworking) to allow it to reach a balance point in terms of energy management, maintenance and general management, minimizing the "uselessness of the structure" and must be active at least 12 hours a day, set up for frequency variability, capable of generating additional demand and consequent earnings.

For places dedicated to education and professional training, it is a matter of introducing a new approach: losing the logic of schools conceived as a rigid perimeter and imagining architecture that can fit into the landscape.

Conductor of the event Giorgio Tartaro, journalist and television author for Rai and Sky Leonardo / Alice / Case Design Stili. Friend of the Dedalo Minosse Prize, he deals with projects for the communication of architecture and design.

The event is sponsored by Caoduro Lucernari.