2021/2022 Edition


Luca Molinari. Talking about architecture: exhibitions, museums and events. New prospectives

  • WHERE:Online conference
  • WHEN:May 26th, 2021 at 5.00 pm (Italian time)

Seventh appointment for Dedalo Minosse Talks!

In "Talking about architecture: exhibitions, museums and events. New perspectives" Luca Molinari will question himself, with the help of the journalist Giorgio Tartaro, on how to talk about architecture out of the emergency of the pandemic.

Biennials, permanent exhibitions, museums, installations, monuments, common places: every space can become an opportunity to talk about architecture and its complexity.

In a time of profound transformation, each event must become a participatory experimentation laboratory that sees the project as a necessary center of regeneration.

Conductor of the event Giorgio Tartaro, journalist and television author for Rai and Sky Leonardo / Alice / Case Design Stili. Friend of the Dedalo Minosse Prize, he deals with projects for the communication of architecture and design.

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The event is sponsored by Fondazione Inarcassa.