2021/2022 Edition


Anagram Architects. Designs for the Proto-City. Disaggregations of the future

  • WHERE:Online conference
  • WHEN:March 24th, 2021 • 4.30 pm CET | 9.00 pm IST | 10.30 am CST

Dedalo Minosse Talk launches its first international episode of 2021.

In "Design of the Proto-City. Disaggregations of the future" the Anagram Architects, with the help of the journalist Giorgio Tartaro, will share the learnings of the past two decades to speculate on the future trajectories of design for the next two decades.

Winners of the Arca International Special Prize at the XI Edition of the Dedalo Minosse Prize, Anagram Architects is an award-winning architectural design practice established by Vaibhav Dimri and Madhav Raman in New Delhi in 2001.

Conductor of the event Giorgio Tartaro, journalist and television author for Rai and Sky Leonardo / Alice / Case Design Stili. Friend of the Dedalo Minosse Prize, he deals with projects for the communication of architecture and design.

The event is sponsored by ANCE Vicenza.

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