ALA - Assoarchitetti Prize

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  • CLIENT:Gmina Miejska Krakow, Zarzad Budynkow Komunalnych, Sindaco: Jacek Majchrowski
  • PROJECT:Claudio Nardi (capogruppo) e Leonardo Maria Proli
  • TITLE:Mocak, Museum of contemporary art Krakow - Former O. Schindler Factory
  • CONSTRUCTION:2010, Krakow, Polonia

Mocak, the new Museum of Contemporary Art of Krakow, built on the site of the former Schindler's Factory, with a project poised between memory and future, opens a new major chapter in the cultural life of the city.
The City of Krakow, receives a vital impetus of renovation to stimulate both the cultural life and the local trade by an intensive program of important and high quality public works strongly wanted from the mayor, Mr. Jacek Majchrowski.